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May 8, 2017
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Do You Really Need a New Website?
May 8, 2017
Streamline seller workflows
February 21, 2020
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10 Tips for Growing Your Small Business Team

It’s not always easy being the boss, but if you have a team of employees around you who are motivated to work to their full potential, you are in a great position to achieve success. Being a great employer does not always have to be about the size of the pay cheque or the number of perks you offer, the smaller things like creating a positive environment and paying attention to your employees’ needs can make all the difference.
Here are our top 10 tips to remember when looking to make the most of your workforce:

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1. Hire Only When You Have a Reason

Once your business starts to gain momentum it is tempting to start hiring immediately; but do you have enough business to pay for a new employee? Do you have enough work to give them? Make sure you base your decision to expand your workforce on whether you really require the support.

2. Hire the Right People

Don’t rush into employing people just to fill a role. It’s important in a small business that the employees fit with the company and with each other. Determine the type of work you need the new person to do, they type of employee that person needs to be and how they will be able to enhance your business.

3. Hire Who You can Afford

If a potential employee is looking for the type of salary and benefits you can’t afford, don’t hire them. If you bring on someone who is not going to be satisfied with the position or salary, they will only stay around long enough to find the job they really want. It’s in the best interest of your business to take your time and find someone who will stay long term.

4. Build a Relationship with Your Employees

One of the many hats that you will wear as a small business owner is that of the human resources manager. From the day you hire an employee, you are responsible for getting to know them, their needs and their career goals. Building this relationship will encourage loyalty and motivation to help building your company with you.

5. Maintain a Balance

As well as your relationship with your employees, it is important to understand the relationships they have with each other. Learn about the rapport between each of your employees and how you need to balance each of their personalities and needs when working together.

6. Create a Positive Atmosphere

Your employees look to you for leadership. Being passionate and excited about your business is contagious. By cultivating this positive atmosphere amongst your employees, you will reap the rewards of a motivated and dedicated workforce.

7. Invest in Your Employees

As your business grows it is important help your employees grow their careers along with the business. Making this investment will not only make your employees feel valued, but will also encourage their own investment in your company.

8. Get your Employees Invested in the Business

Other than you, the people who know your business best of all are your employees. With different perspectives, experience and education they can bring new ideas and insights to help with business growth. Encouraging them make suggestions to the business, and then implementing those suggestions can help develop loyalty and offer job satisfaction.

9. Be the Boss Your Employees Need You to Be

It is important that as the leader of your business you take responsibility for your employees, think proactively about your business and motivate them with the vision you have for success, no matter the challenges your face.

10. Consult your Network

Your peers, suppliers, contacts and clients will all have an opinion about how you should expand and develop your team of employees. So ask them. Sometimes that outside opinion can be the key to realising the skill set or the type of person you need to take your business to success.

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