Automatic Mitigation for Sophisticated DDoS Attacks

DDoS, short for "Distributed Denial of Service", is a form of attack where multiple compromised networks are used to target a single system. When a website is under attack, it stops responding to legitimate users because a hacker-controlled "fleet" of computers are maliciously flooding traffic to the target's website. DDoS attacks have grown to be the weapon of choice for hackers and cyber criminals as they are inexpensive to execute, difficult to stop, and impact a very large network of users.

Benefits of SiteLock® DDoS Protection


SiteLock Website Security protects organizations against all types of DDoS threats—including the most sophisticated forms. SiteLock provides Web Application Protection (Layer 7), Infrastructure Protection (Layers 3 & 4) and DNS Protection —which are the vital components for comprehensive DDoS protection. SiteLock DDoS services are truly unrivaled in the industry. No other security provider in the market today provides the breadth and depth of website protection needed for your organization.

How SiteLock® DDoS Protection Works


Cloud-Based DDoS Protection

SiteLock cloud-based security services keep businesses up and running smoothly while in the midst of an attack. Cloud-based DDoS protection eliminates the high costs that come with additional servers and load balancing infrastructure.

Infrastructure DDoS Protection via SiteLock Global CDN

The size, complexity and sheer volume of DDoS attacks grows substantially every day, so organizations need robust network capacity to mitigate any attack that approaches. With nearly 30 data centers around the world, SiteLock scrubs requests to counter these multi-gigabyte DDoS attacks.

Choice of "Always On" vs. "On-Demand"

SiteLock offers its DDoS clients a choice of automatic "always on" DDoS mitigation vs. "on demand". Using the "always on" solution, our technology is fully equipped to handle what are known as "hit & run" DDoS attacks, which are comprised of very short bursts of traffic at interval levels over a long period of time. Automatic detection and activation enables SiteLock to take full responsibility for both detection and mitigation of the attack

DDoS Mitigation with Minimal False-Positives

In addition to providing DDoS protection to Enterprise and SMB websites, SiteLock also protects against ripple-effect disruptions related to a DDoS attack, such as false-positives, etc. Our DDoS mitigation has an unrivaled less than 1% false positive rate, which means that over 99% of your authentic website traffic will remain unaffected in any way, shape or form— allowing a smooth and seamless browsing experience. Other DDoS security providers offer a significantly less user-friendly solution that relies on challenge screens and CAPTCHA pages, which are presented to visitors during the attack.

Intelligent Multi-Layer DDoS Prevention

Malicious packets are instantaneously recognized and cleaned out by SiteLock ISP-grade edge routers. Every SiteLock data center holds numerous interconnected, high-powered scrubbing clusters that are used for real-time DDoS traffic reporting and blocking. When facing a DDoS attack, these clusters use intelligent traffic profiling solutions and bot detection technology to accurately eliminate dangerous traffic.

Protection from all forms of DDoS attacks, including


Brute Force
Connection Flood
DNS flood
HTTP Flood
Ping of Death

TCP Fragment

Reflected ICMP
and UDP
Mixed SYN + UDP or
DDoS Attacks
Attacks targeting
Apache, Windows or
Attacks Targeting
DNS Servers