Fast & Reliable Content Delivery Network (CDN)

When it comes to websites, just a few milliseconds of latency means high bounce rates, fewer views, loss of revenue and low conversions. SiteLock advanced Content Delivery Network (CDN) dramatically increases your website speed through its network of global data centers. Content is served closer to your visitors and ensures that every page renders as fast and efficiently as possible, regardless of visitors' device or location.

Benefits of SiteLock® TrueSpeed™ Content Delivery Network


How TrueSpeed™ Works

SiteLock content delivery network data centers are strategically located and optimized for Internet traffic (i.e., close to Internet Service Providers). These data centers enhance global coverage for our customers, while also providing regional content and satisfying privacy regulations. The SiteLock CDN runs on top tier provider networks, which ensures minimum latency, maximum throughput and the absolute highest quality of service.

No matter where your customers are located, the SiteLock global content delivery network assures they can access your website in milliseconds.

TrueSpeed Intelligent Content Caching


Static Content Caching

TrueSpeed caches static content throughout your website, including HTML files, JavaScript resources and imagery—so that they can be instantly delivered from SiteLock globally distributed data centers—faster and more efficiently.

Dynamic Content Caching

SiteLock patent-pending technology continuously profiles website resources, gathering information on how content is displayed. Static content can be safely cached. Some dynamic content might change continuously, while other content might rarely change or change only for specific users. This information enables truly optimized caching, and ensures content that is rendered is accurate—a premium feature you won't get with most content delivery networks.

Serving Pages From Memory

TrueSpeed will identify the most frequently accessed content and serve it straight from memory. This avoids the file system and other generic instruments, such as buffer-cache.

Visitor-Side Caching

The SiteLock CDN was constructed to maximize the amount of caching that is done, to reside on the side of the visitor's browser or mobile device. This ensures super-fast loading of content and an optimized user experience. The same advanced technology that is used to dynamically cache is also used to ensure that the images and content being rendered are not outdated.

Complete Caching-Control

In the event of a website redesign or major changes to web pages, SiteLock TrueSpeed CDN allows you to purge cached content. You can choose whether to clear out all of the site files or only specific content from the SiteLock servers. This will allow for an instantaneous update of the new content on your site.